Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font
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Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font

Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font is a vibrant display script that is alive with character and texture. Candy captures all the delicious brushstrokes using the most recent OpenType SVG font technology.

Because of its humorous nature, the font is ideal for bringing personality, punch, and fun to branding initiatives, wedding stationery, magazine layouts, advertising graphics, and much more.

There are 26 characters in Candy, in addition to numbers and punctuation. Each font type also has an "alternative" counterpart, giving you a total of 26 more characters to combine for a vast array of alternatives and a more authentic, natural feel.

What you get

  • Candy Brush A deliciously textured display script, full of brush strokes and varying levels of transparency. (OpenType SVG format)
  • Candy Brush Alternate A full set of 26 alternate characters, allowing you to mix and match, giving a more natural feel to your artwork. (OpenType SVG format)
  • Candy Color The colorful version of Candy Brush, this version is bursting with multicolored brushstrokes and flavor. (OpenType SVG format)
  • Candy Color Alternate Alternate characters for Candy Brush, these characters have even more character and personality, giving you some very tasty options. (OpenType SVG format)
  • Candy Standard The standard Candy Brush Vector format. (OTF and TTF formats)
  • Candy Standard Other 26 characters for Candy Standard. (OTF and TTF formats)
  • Candy Rough A broke up and textured version of Candy Standard. (OTF and TTF formats)
  • Candy Rough Alternate Textured and broken counterpart characters for Candy Rough. (OTF and TTF formats) Files- .PSD high resolution 2 Photoshop files containing all the characters that make up Candy Brush and Candy Color, each on their own transparent background layer and each jam-packed with all their color and texture details. No need to worry about having the latest version of Photoshop with these 🙂
  • Swashes and Swirls 2 additional high-resolution Photoshop. PSD files are included, with 17 lines, swastikas, and swirls to add the finishing touch to your handwriting compositions.
  • 12 Layout Composition Grids Supplied in. Ai and . Png formats, these guides are perfect for helping to quickly compose and lay out your typographic work.
  • Quick Instructions & Tips/FAQ pdf Tips, advice, and troubleshooting guide for installing and using your Fonts.

Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font

Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font Features

  • They are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Easier to use because they have a consistent layout across all devices
  • They are often easy to read and provide a more professional appearance.
  • They are popular for websites and apps.
  • They look better on screens with wide viewing angles.
  • They are less resource intensive than other font families.
  • They are more sustainable in the long run, as they do not wear out over time.

Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font

Candy Color Grid Premium Free Font File

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