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Catalina Avalon Font:

Catalina Avalon font has been released by the designers of the popular Avalon Typewriter. This font comes in two styles, one with uppercase letters, and another with lowercase. It’s a free font you can use it for any project that requires a typewriter-inspired font.

Pick Your Favourite Catalina’s Style:


It is a beautiful font for your web design. You can use it for your personal or commercial projects. In this article, we share some of the most useful features of this font.


Catalina Clemente:


Catalina Clemente:

In a more standard width, Clemente is one of the two subfamilies that can be used for paragraph text as well as headlines. It’s organically geometric in style and comes in ALL CAPS and lowercase includes upright and custom italics and has the OpenType feature giving 3 versions of each letter.


Catalina Script:


Catalina Script:

A great compliment to the display of sub-families, Catalina Script rounds out the package with a hand-drawn cursive flair. It includes contextual alternatives (giving 2 variations to each letter) as well as stylistic alternatives for many of the capital and lowercase letters. It has special ligatures for some letter combinations and titling alternatives for all the capital letters.


Catalina Typewriter:


Catalina Avalon Font type writer

The second of the paragraph text sub-families, this typewriter-inspired hand-drawn font family works great as either a display or paragraph text. It has contextual alternatives with 3 versions of each letter and comes in both upright and custom italics versions.


Catalina Avalon Font Features:


Catalina Avalon Font Features

  • Tall and skinny
  • 3 weights
  • sans and slab serif styles
  • contextual alternatives (giving 3 versions of each letter)
  • stylistic alternatives for select letters (A, K, P, Q, R, Y)
  • Small Caps


Catalina Extras!

Choose from over two hundred of the hottest, hippest fonts on the web, and download them for free today. You include borders, frames, arrows, banners, flourishes, and more.

has it all. From the basic flourishes to the more elaborate, from light to bold, from lower case to uppercase. All of Catalina was drawn by the same hand, using the same ink and technique. As they contrast in their type styles, they work together beautifully to create one cohesive font family.

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