Top 5 Premium Serif fonts in free

Top 5 Premium Serif fonts in free

1. SF Kingston Premium Font

The SF Kingston Pro is a modern Serif Didone typeface that is comprised of six weights (Extra Light Regular, Light Medium, Bold black) and houses an extended Latin character set to support over 80 languages. It is a combination of different grid systems that combine geometric forms with more fluid features that create an even mix of triangular and circular elements. Indentations are commonplace throughout the font, and they help emphasize its basic design, which is that is based around a 45 degree pitch. With a myriad of subtle traits, SF Kingston is an elegant and robust typeface.

The OpenType features (Inclu.389 characters) Alternates | Regular and OldStyle Numerals Ordinals Extended Character Set. The formats are: OTF, TTF WebFont (eot, the svg, woff, and woff)

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2. Merak Free Premium Font

Merak is a font family that has various weights.

The design is inspired by sci-fi films or industrial-inspired fonts Merak is ideal for modern-day designs. Merak is perfect for projects that require an industrial/galactic look as fundamental design elements for example, logo or greeting card, poster or any other.

What You Get:

*Merak Light *Merak Regular *Merak Bold *Merak Black

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3. Reformer Premium Font

Reformer is a new Gothic styled font featuring six weights and 24 different variations.

It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to design a high-quality and clear Gothic style font that has two different styles of serif and semi serif. This is why I am so happy to present this font to you today. This family provides multilingual support.

  1. In two styles Serif and semi sans serif
  2. More than 317 Glyphs
  3. Supports most major languages
  4. Includes 24 fonts in 6 weights

This is the perfect choice option for your next project, and is suitable for any modern requirements. It has been carefully designed to enhance the look of your posters, headliners, book covers, and other such things.

Web fonts and Open Type fonts are included.

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4. Artifex CF Premium Font

Artifex CF is an easy-to-read serif which is easy to look at. The subtle serifs aid in to flow with reading without being imposing or rigid and a nearly-upright italic helps to emphasize the message without distracting. Artifex is also a beautiful display typeface, featuring an elegant design with a moderate contrast and fine details that can be scaled gracefully.

  • 8 weights plus italics: 16 fonts total
  • Advanced OpenType features
  • OTF file format
  • Features and updates are free, as well as updates

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5. Magnita Serif Premium Font

Magnita Serif Font This is an serif type font this font is ideal for use in high-end, elegant, luxurious requirements. like salons, hotels cafes, restaurants, and more. Create a beautiful and elegant environment by using Magnita Font. Files Included;

  • Uppercase Characters
  • Lowercase Characters
  • TTF
  • OTF

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