Ante Regular neat lovely premium free Font
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  • Create Date December 11, 2021
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Ante Regular neat lovely premium free Font

  • 6000+ kerning pairs made by hand
  • 90+ supported languages
  • 600+ handwritten glyphs



v.1.001 - 1.006 [17.06.2018]

  • redrawn glyphs: onesuperior (U+00B9), twosuperior (U+00B2), threesuperior (U+00B3), foursuperior (U+2074), fraction (U+2044), onehalf (U+00BD), onequarter (U+00BC), threequarters (U+00BE), copyright (U+00A9), registered (U+00AE), trademark (U+2122), percent (U+0025), perthousand (U+2030), lozenge (U+25CA);
  • added glyphs: zerosuperior (U+2070), fivesuperior (U+2075), sixsuperior (U+2076), sevensuperior (U+2077), eightsuperior (U+2078), ninesuperior (U+2079), ordfeminine (U+00AA), ordmasculine (U+00BA), ubreve (U+016D), Ubreve (U+016c), Ruble Symbol (U+20BD), numero (U+2116), .notdef Symbol;
  • fixed descender component in Icaron (U+013E), Iishort-cy (U+0419), Zhedescender-cy* (U+0496)*, Gedescender-cy (U+04F6), gedescender-cy (U+04F7);
  • fixed width in glyphs: Eogonek (U+0118), lacute (U+013A), i (U+0069), icircumflex (U+00EE), idieresis (U+00EF), iogonek (U+012F), esdescender-cy (U+04AB);
  • fixed dieresiscomb component in in all glyphs where it is used;
  • fixed gravecomb component in Igrave (U+00CC);
  • fixed, сleared and compressed kerning groups.[ 619 glyphs and 6033 kerning pairs ]Now it’s very to access and download all the premium fonts in free of cost. Download this premium free font from Byfonts is amazed by the sheer quantity and quality of free fonts availability. Designers have an incredible choice of free fonts to choose from. If you’re searching for a serif, script, or sans-serif font, handwritten font, decorative font, we have a huge collection of the top free fonts for you.

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Ante Regular neat lovely
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